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mawaru: (僕の愛も君の罰も)

i'll show that fate can be changed.

we'll share all my love and all your punishment

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Created on 2011-10-30 20:41:22 (#1100913), last updated 2011-12-29 (303 weeks ago)

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Name:mawaru penguindrum
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Community description:Community for news and discussion of Ikuhara Kunihiko's 2011 anime series, Mawaru Penguin Drum.
Maintained by [personal profile] takakura , but any help in moding is open.

+ This community is for discussion of the anime series Mawaru Penguindrum by Kunihiko Ikuhara
+ Please don't hotlink images in a post to the community, upload them to your own server
+ No more than three icons used as a preview in an icon post
+ For other graphics (see: fanmix covers, layouts, etc), do not post any images more than 550 pixels wide outside of an lj-cut.
+ DO NOT BE A JERK. While this show is ripe for discussion and speculation, being nasty to someone you have a disagreement with is not. If you can't or refuse to play nice with everyone, you will be banned.



As the novelization for the series is being released ahead of the anime episodes, if you wish to discuss any spoilers on the community regarding any information past the aired episodes, please be sure to mark them clearly so those wishing to watch the anime unspoiled can avoid them.

If you make a post containing spoilers, mark the post and put all spoilery information behind a cut.

If you make any spoilery comment outside of a spoiler post, please clearly mark your comment with "SPOILERS" in the subject line to avoid confusion, and so that people who wish to remain unspoiled don't get spoilery comments sent to their inbox without warning.
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